50+ Years Experience

Monte Brothers has been the preferred installation specialist of sound systems in houses of worship for over 50 years.


24/7 Service

At Monte Brothers, we understand the importance of a properly functioning sound system. We also understand that sometimes things can go wrong at the most inconvenient times. To ensure we are there to help if something goes wrong, we offer 24/7 service to our clients!


Advanced Parts Replacement

Equipment that has failed or needs repair will be replaced by “advanced replacement” parts. Your failed part is replaced with a functioning unit and you’re up-and-running the same day! This prevents any system downtime during the repair of your failed equipment. You keep your advanced replacement and are only charged the cost of part(s) repair if your product is out of warranty.



All manufacturer warranties are honored and backed by Monte Brothers.

We also include a Monte Brothers one-year warranty on all new systems. During the first year, all service calls and adjustments are performed free of charge.


Service Contracts

Monte Brothers offers service contracts that extend the warranty periods for your equipment, provide you a free yearly system check-up, and give you a 10% discount on parts.